Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last week I spotted some fantastic embellished collars from a brand called Eleven Objects (Thanks to the Zoe Report  for that), and I've been looking this trend at some many places that I decided to start a DIY project with these collars as inspiration; I checked on my closet for a shirt that I don't wear anymore and then I got to work on this.



First you need a collar, you can buy a very cheap shirt with a sturdy collar, or even better if you have one that you don't use (or like) anymore.
You will need: fabric glue, sequins in any color and shape (I used gold rounds and peach rectangles), many shirts have a button to close the collar, mine didn't so I sew a pressure button.
You will have to cut the collar:
To have just the collar:
Start by pasting the round sequins around the collar edges to have something like this:
Then star making rows with the rectangle sequins, I made 4 rows with these, then one with round sequins:
Keep this pattern on both sides, until you have in the middle something like this:
Notice above that I filled all the empty spaces with sequins on the edges, then I used only the round gold sequins in the middle of the collar.
And here's the finished collar necklace:
What do you think, do you like it?
I'm still have many ideas on how to embellished some of my collars: buttons + sequins + gems, or studs!, I'll keep you posted on my other creations.

BTW this shirt was perfect for another DIY project that I will show you in the next days, I'll give you a clue, it has to do with this my yesterday post about Vika Gazinskaya, I know you already know what it is!