Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites: Valentine's DIY

Keeping on with this week V-Day series, I'll show you some of my favorites DIY projects by other bloggers, and in case you missed my own DIY of the week you can see my heart bracelet here and the Gold Rose glitter necklace here.

♥So here they are, my favorites DIY (all fashion related), so you can grab some ideas and look perfect on this romantic celebration ♥

1: The most fabulous and easy tutorial on needle felting, this heart elbow patch from Honestly WTF could result in some addicting new craft hobbie.
2: Love this Hex Nut necklace so much! you can make it too with Letandas tutorial.
3: This Hearbeat necklace from I Spy DIY it's a fab way to show how your heart beats when you're in love.
4: Valentine Nails Idea, try these from nailside,cute right?
5: Really easy and cute Cupid Arrow & Heart Bobby pins from Her New Leaf
6: These cupid's arrow earrings are all-year-stylish! See the tutorial at The Chalkboard Mag