Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY: Tribal Neon Clutch

ASOS Leather Bright Sequin Clutch
Tribal prints had been spotted everywhere ,since last year, and it still keeps appearing on 2012, from shoes to dresses, jewelry, handbags and more!
When I saw the ASOS clutch above I instantly thought about DIY one, that's why I looked for my textile paints and start working in it.

You'll need:
-A fabric clutch (mine was an old one from GAP)
-Fabric Paint in any colors you like.
-A small piece of cardboard.
-Patience and a steady hand to paint the lines :D

Because my clutch had a button, I remove it first.
Insert the cardboard inside your clutch, to get a more sturdy surface.
I recommend that you practice the lines on a piece of paper first.
Draw your first vertical line, continue painting as according to the ASOS pattern or make your own!
That's it, now I have a great clutch to wear with many outfits!

BTW, in case you liked my nails, I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effect in Mod About You, it's so easy to apply and it really lasts! you can buy it here.

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