Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Alphabet Beads Bracelets

Last summer I bought a package of plastic alphabet beads to make bracelets for the kiddos, well, this year I'm using them again but to make some for me, this time with a grown up look inspired by the Venessa Arizaga jewelry.

Things you'll need:

Not shown on the picture: 
-20 gauge Jewelry wire
-Strong Glue like E6000
-Jewelry Pliers

*Alphabet Beads (at Wal Mart or Etsy.)
**Leather or Rubber cord (Etsy has plenty of them)

Start by cutting two  2.5" pieces of rubber of leather cord.
Then add the cord crimps to both ends of each piece of cord:

That's it! 

I used the J Y R that are the initials of Julieta Y Ruben, the"y" is used as the "&" sign in english, and I also made one with the heart and RM, the initials of my two boys, Ruben and Miguel.

You can put initials or words, anything you like to!

There's an easier way to make these bracelets, and it's by using elastic thread and beads, or if you're more skilled you could try adding the beads into a friendship bracelet, but don't forget to use metal beads or accents for an updated version.

And if you don't want to make one but want to get one, they're gonna be available soon at Cloudy Afternoon, my etsy shop.